What’s a no deposit bonus with free time to play ?

Ready to get started? It’s really easy but here are some helpful hints to guide you through it for playing with nodeposit bonus with free hour.
To claim this sort of promotion you will need to follow these instructions :

  • Download, install and register as a real player.
  • The timer will start from the moment you click the Start Free Play button. You will then be given a no deposit bonus worth of free casino credits and will need to start playing to reach the minimum bet amount within 60 minutes.
  • You need to place 20 or more bets to be able to transfer your winnings into your REAL casino account, so keep betting until you are sure you have reached this minimum requirement. If you want to quit before your 60 minutes is up simply click the link under the timer.
  • The Play with the no deposit bonus free promotion is played on a miniature version of the casino, so you will see a smaller casino loaded in the cruiser when you start, don’t get this confused with the real casino. The games are the same but this way we can display a timer on the left hand side so that you know exactly how much time you have left.
  • If you get disconnected you will need to log back in. The 60 minutes of free play will continue to count down while you are logging back in so make sure you are quick! Be sure to play a few different games, there are over 347 games in the casino, who knows what your lucky one will be!
  • When can you claim your winnings? As soon as you have made 20 or more bets and won £20.00 over the original no deposit bonus, you will be eligible to claim your winnings into a real casino account. You will need to deposit a minimum into your casino account in order to claim your winnings.
    ****this rules are generaly the same for all free hour bonus from Microgaming casinos****

Best online casino with no deposit bonus and free time to play

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 500$ no deposit bonus and 1 Hour OR 40% bonus up to 400$ Review Visit
2 1250$ no deposit bonus and 1 Hour OR 40$ bonus on first deposit of 40$ Review Visit
3 500$ no deposit bonus and 1 Hour OR 20$ bonus on first deposit of 20$ Review Visit
4 1500 free bets + 100% bonus up to 200$ Review Visit
5 1000$ and 1 hour free OR 100% match bonus up to 50$ Review Visit
6 2500$ no deposit bonus with 1 hour + 1400$ FREE bonus on the next 3 deposits Review Visit
7 2011$ and 1 Hour Free OR 100% deposit bonus up to 20$ Review Visit
8 2500$ and 1 Hour Free OR Deposit 20$ get 20$ bonus Review Visit
9 1500$ and 1 Hour Free OR 50% match on first deposit up to 250$ Review Visit